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EMA Bands Perfect Trading System

_SECTION_BEGIN("Ema bands");
/* EMA offset bands ver 1_2
I'd guess this is NOT much different to bbands except you can contol the per % offset and the periods ema to off set*/
per=.10;//Percent placement
periods=20;//time periods

emaverage= EMA(C,periods);

Plot(C,"EMA",15,64);// plots the close with candles
Plot(upperband,"upperband",3,1);// upperband

bCond1=Ref(Cross(C,Lowerband),-1) AND C > lowerband ;
bCond2= C > EMAverage ;// the "or" gets me into up trends 
bCond3= C > EMA(C,65);// trend

Buy = bcond1 AND bCond3 OR bCond2; 

scond1= Ref( Cross(emaverage,C),-1)AND C < emaverage;// close days under ema 
scond2=C < Lowerband;//failed trade drops below lowerband
Sell = scond1 OR scond2;

Buy = ExRem( Buy, Sell );// removes buy/sell arrows
Sell = ExRem( Sell, Buy );
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