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Trendline With Buy Sell Triangles

/* my TRIX (= the indicator, plus minimal trading rules) */

/* I'm guessing that Amibroker's built-in TRIX indicator uses ema's to calculate the variable I'm calling "change" and then divides that by 1000, not 100 as does Achelis, and then uses a one-period MA of "change" to plot the TRIX line. My plot values end up being slightly different Amibroker's, as you'll see by applying TRIX's both at the same time, but the differences  aren't large enough to create trading signal differences in most cases. Charlie Ehm. 7/12/02. */ 

/*------PART ONE (code for plotting the indicator)------------------------*/
period=9;              //<--this default can be changed 

today= (EMA(EMA(EMA(Close,period),period),period));
yesterday= Ref(today,-1);
change= ((today-yesterday)/today)*1000;

Graph0Style=1;         //<-- an optional specification
Graph0Color=5;         //<-- an optional specification 
Title=" "              //<-- creates a leading a space
+ Name()               //<-- ticker
+ " - TRIX ("          //<-- does more formatting and names the indicator
+ WriteVal(period,1.0) //<-- gives the period used for the TRIX line
+ ")   ";              //<-- more formatting
                       //<-- I skipped providing the current day's value

/*-----PART TWO (a template for using TRIX in trading rules) ---------- */
period=Optimize("period",9,3,13,2);       //<--step could be dropped to 1                                        

today= (EMA(EMA(EMA(Close,period),period),period));
yesterday= Ref(today,-1);                 //<--this value should be tested
change= ((today-yesterday)/today)*1000;

threshold_in= Optimize("in",0,0,2,0.5);   //<--max & step can be changed
threshold_out=Optimize("out",0,-2,0,0.5); //<--min & step can be changed

Buy= Trix(period) > threshold_in;         
Sell=Trix(period) < threshold_out;        //<--to test for symmetricality

  #1 Optimize "period" and "threshold_ XX" in separate steps, if processing a lot
     of tickers, by commenting out one of them and using its default value a 
     normal variable statement. 
  #2 Short rules needed to be created, etc. Parts ONE and TWO just get the ball
     rolling toward what might become useful tools. 
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