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Line Chart Short Long Positions

//Pattern Trading System 6
a= (H>Ref(H,-1) AND L>Ref(L,-1));
b= (H<Ref(H,-1) AND L<Ref(L,-1));
//Sell =BarsSince(A)>BarsSince(b);
PlotShapes( shapeUpArrow * st ,6,0,L); 
PlotShapes( shapeDownArrow *st1 ,1,0,H);
col=IIf(state == 1 ,51,IIf(state ==0,4,1));

_N(Title = "{{NAME}} - {{INTERVAL}} {{DATE}}:: "+_DEFAULT_NAME()+" :: {{OHLCX}} {{VALUES}}" 
WriteIf(st,"EXIT all Short positions\nif trading long positions, enter long Now-\nOR at the market price on tomorrow's Open with stop="+EncodeColor(4)+WriteVal(L-.75*ATR(5),1.4)+",","")+
WriteIf(st1,"exit all long positions today with a Market On Close (MOC) order\nOR at the market price on tomorrow's Open with stop="+EncodeColor(4)+WriteVal(H+.75*ATR(5),1.4)+",","")+ 
WriteIf( st2 ,"No trading signals today.","") );

Filter =  st OR st1 OR st2  ;
AddColumn(st,"exit short posti",1.2);
AddColumn(st1,"exit long posti",1.2);
AddColumn(st2,"no signal",1.2);
/*this system  works by a very simple pattern. It enters long when the price closes above the High 
of two days ago AND does it on more than 75% above the monthly average Volume. 
It closes the long position AND enters a Short position when the price closes below the Low 
of two days ago AND does it on more then 75% above the average monthly Volume.*/
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