About Us

 Hello visitors, Welcome to our website www.aflbank.com. We started this website in the year of 2016. The aim of this website is to provide quality content related to the stock market. If you are working in the stock market, you might have known how trading strategies are important in technical analysis to make your buy and sell decision. Many people lose in the stock market because they do not have a proper strategy to follow. We have pointed out this need of beginner traders and we tried to provide them with free but very accurate and powerful trading strategies. All our strategies are tested and backtested and they are perfectly working. You can choose any one of them that you are comfortable with and start your trading journey. But as I said, just one strategy and stick to it at any cost. 

Who we are?

We are technical and fundamental analysts having more than 15 years of stock market experience. We have developed many intraday and swing strategies and delivered them to people. Our powerful trading strategies are being used worldwide. Our strategies are very simple yet powerful and can be used in any market. These strategies are suitable for the Stock market, the Forex market, the Commodity market, and the cryptocurrency market. Apart from stock trading strategies, we also provide the strategy code for Amibroker software. Many of Amibroker's strategies (AFL) are developed by us. 

You will get all stock market-related useful data on our site. 

We request you to keep visiting and make your trading journey very easy. 


Team aflbank