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Configure AFL

Amibroker AFL Configuration Guide

How to configure AFL with Amibroker? Please follow the complete guide below.

Before starting, Download all EOD chart files from HERE and keep it in any folder.

1. After installing Amibroker, double click Amibroker icon to open it.

2. You will get default Amibroker window as shown below.

3. Go to File --> New --> Database (Click)

4. You will get the database folder path which need to be changed.

5. Change the name from "MyNewData" to "NSE" as shown below and click create.

6. Check "Load this database at startup" and click OK.

7. Go to File and click "Import Wizard..."

8. Click "Pick Files" as shown below.

9. Go to the path where you have kept all EOD chart files and select only one and click Open.

10. Click Next to Continue.

11. Click Next.

12. Check " Add current settings to ASCII importer definitions".

13. Change Description from "My own format" to "NSE" and Format file to "NSE.format" as shown below then click Finish.

14. Now you will get the default Chart.

15. Go to File --> Import ASCII...(Click).

16. Go to EOD chart files folder and select all files with CTRL + A then click Open.

17. File Importing will start as shown below.

18. After completing Import, Charts should be visible now

19. To configure Custom AFL, Go to Analysis --> Formula Editor(Click).

20. You will get new window. Just copy the code from, and paste it. Then Go to "Tool" and click "Apply Indicator".

21. Now your chart should be visible as shown below.

22. If you want to close the current chart, then right click on it and click close.

For any assistance, Please comment below or contact

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